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Porter: Re-collections, Letter Hand written letter to the designers of this web site 861 KB
Porter: "An Approximate Determination of the Atomic Wave Functions of Chromium" 1934 paper written in association with Dr. Porter's theses 710 KB
Tim Robinson's Differential Analyzer A copy, with permission, of a web page from Tim Robinson's Meccano Computing Machinery web site. 1,730 KB
Spreadsheet Instructions and Excel macros for building the Standard Atmosphere spreadsheet. 150 KB
NonUniformStepSize A disclosure of HOM's Second Order Integration Process as Applied to Non-Uniform Step Sizes. 173 KB
G. Lang J.M. Ham Conditional Feedback Systems --- A New Approach to Feedback Control The term "conditional feedback" has been introduced to distinguish the limited role that feedback plays in these new systems as compared with the classical system. Conditional feedback systems permit requirements on input-output response and on disturbance-output response to be met independently. 34 MB
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