Chapter 3

Applications and Further Exploration of Numerical Methods

The concepts of numerical approximation and optimization continue in the context of application to statistics and the exploration of numerical integration.

The topics of this chapter can be accessed by clicking their names.

Topic Name An Image from the Topic Brief Description
Area under a Curve - An Integral defining erf(x)   Numerical integration is demonstrated as a means to tabulate erf(x). An approximation is developed for  erf(x) that avoids table look-up and interpolation.
Grading Peas and the Central Limit Theorem The Law of Large Numbers 

The Normal Distribution
Using Accumulators for Integration - Solving Some Differential Equations - Interpolating a List   A General Purpose Integrator.  Computer Solution of Differential Equations.  Interpolating a List.
Exploring Spreadsheet Integration - Multiple Integrations - Larger Numbers of Steps Investigate the effects of Step Size and the Number of Steps
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